Aawi is a range of next generation home automation products that would help the user to stay connected to the home and control the appliances over the smartphone.


Aawi 4 Node & 2 Node Controller is a smart device that fits behind your switchboard, making it smarter and helps you to control your appliances over the WIFI from your smartphone. It gives you the flexibility to control upto 4 switches including Lignts, Fan and LEDs. Now you can carry your switchboard on your pocket.

Heavy Node

This switch can control a single Heavy Load electrical devices like Geyser and Chimney upto a rating of 15 A. Aawi Heavy Node enables the user to control, schedule and monitor the energy consumption of the electrical appliance that is automated.

IR Remote

Aawi - IR Remote is a smart device that lets you control your AC, TV, Set Top Box and any other IR based devices through your smartphone from anywhere, It’s an efficient plug & play product which requires no wiring and takes less than 7 Minutes to install and setup.

Motion sensor

We bring to you a convenient way to control your appliances. You need to integrate your Lights and LEDs with Aawi - Motion Sensor which gives you the power of controlling your appliances with your mere presence. It host 360 degree detection range where it scans the entire room and if no-one is present in the room the lights will be switched Off automatically.

Voice control

Your appliances , now obey your command, quite literally. Aawi devices seamlessly integrate with Amazon’s Alexa, to enable you to control your appliances with your voice command.

Aawi is now integrated with Alexa

Use commands like -

“Alexa, turn ON Light” “Alexa, turn ON TV”

“Alexa, I am Home”

“Alexa, AC temperature 19 degree ” “Alexa, party Mode ON”

And #makelifeeasier

Aawi App

A simple user friendly app designed to make your life effortless. Control your appliances
anywhere from world, Know their status, Schedule them, create scenes and
a lot more, all on the go.