No, we provide you with a complete retrofit solution. Aawi goes right behind your existing switchboards without any additional rewiring.

Yes, they would be functioning normally, but the normal switches will work as two way switches

No, AAWI can work if the is also connected to the same home network. But to control from outside of your home, both your smartphone & home network requires internet.

The encryption used by our protocol is the AES 256 bit which is the same as in any credit card transaction. so even if someone hacks into your WiFi, they can do nothing with your lights.

Yes. The LEDs with dimmable drivers can be dimmed from the phone as well.

Devices with a rating of more than 200W like ACs, TVs, Microwave, Geyser, Heater can’t be connected to Basic directly. An additional mod( Heavy) is required to control such heavy load appliances.

Our device can be configured with both Static as well as Dynamic IP.

No, the mechanical switches will continue to function even after you install our product in your house.

We provide you services at your doorstep. We have our team of installation personnel who will do the setup and integration for you, at no more additional cost.

Certain older models of fan regulators may have incompatibilities with the system. We suggest you to either permanently turn off regulators in switch board or use the capacitive regulators recommended by us.

Yes, you can use the same set of login credentials across multiple devices for simultaneous control.

The current state of the appliances remains the same when the power resumes after an outage.

Aawi Motion Detector is capable of detecting motion in your entire room and has a range of 12 meter.

All appliances which come with a rating greater than 650 W are considered as heavy devices. Devies such as AC, geysers and refrigerators fall under this category.

It won’t as it consumes data equivalent to downloading a whatsapp image, in an entire day